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For many decades, Canada’s economy has relied on immigration to fulfill the need for personnel. That need is growing exponentially, now as never before. Recent surveys demonstrate that the need for talented personnel is the number one priority required for Canadian businesses to continue their growth. In 2021 alone, well over 400,000 new Canadians will be invited to start new lives in our country.  

AMK Global Group is a dynamic and quickly expanding Immigration and Recruitment Services Firm located in London, England, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Active across Canada since 2017, the company has placed hundreds of foreign worker candidates in various roles and industries in the marketplace as of 2021. AMK Global is also now fully accredited as an Immigration and Recruitment company in the UK.

With international offices in 12 cities worldwide, the company has completed only the first phase of expansion that positions AMK Global as a worldwide industry leader with personalized and professional service.

AMK Global Group is an immigration and recruitment firm incorporated in Ontario and the  United Kingdom. We specialize in providing internationally-sourced personnel for full-time positions across Canada – including janitorial, housekeeping, light industrial, chefs, food service supervisors, other fields required in hospitality, food production, and more. 

We have successfully placed hundreds of staff in respected commercial and industrial food production facilities, hospitality brands, grocery enterprises, catering, restaurant businesses, long-term care facilities, and more.

Benefits of AMK Global’s Services

AMK Global is a full turn-key service, handling the entire application process through Service Canada (LMIA process). We maintain communication with the Employer and the worker throughout the two years to maintain and monitor mutual satisfaction.  

  • Canada’s most affordable rates with volume discounting and no hidden fees.  
  • Complete sourcing of candidates – trained, experienced, and tailored to your required job description. 
  • Placing of ads on all public notice platforms: showing a notice of positions. 
  • All workers are proficient with working knowledge in English 
  • Our clients remain employed at median wage for 24 months,  providing stability and predictable labor costing for employers. Most employers elect to keep the workers after the completion of the two years. 
  • Trained personnel are 100% guaranteed
  • The individual worker completely covers travel and accommodation.  
  • Live video interviews are scheduled with a selection of available candidates for employers to meet virtually. Strict health protocols are followed according to Canadian standards. 
  • AMK Global has placed talented food service personnel in the following businesses and enterprises, contributing to the brands’ culture, style, and success. Accredited by CAPIC, ICCRC, and RCIC, references are available upon request.
  • References available for hundreds of Canadian placements made.
  • AMK manages the communication with Service Canada and takes care of the administration for you, saving you both time and money.

The following services are included with our fees

    • Assessing Employer eligibility for Foreign Worker Program 
    • Confirmation from Employer to proceed 
    • Job bank and ad campaign (4-6 weeks) 
    • The video Interview process with the Employer (1 week) 
    • LMIA application review and submission (1 week) 
    • Employer LMIA interview training (1 week) 
    • LMIA approval by Service Canada (4-6 weeks) 
    • Submission of Work Permit (2 weeks) 
    • Immigration Canada processing approval (2-16 weeks) 
    • Total Average Timeline: (6-8 months)

Our Personnel Selection Criteria

Our selection criteria for personnel include a security and health check, a tested proficiency in English, field experience in their profession with references, and specialized and targeted skills in their chosen fields.  

  • Police clearance certificate 
  • Biometrics conducted for all candidates 
  • Medical clearance by Canadian authorized doctors 
  • English proficiency as per Canadian standards 
  • Minimum 2-4 years of work experience 
  • Previous employer references 

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Proposed Pilot Program Rollout

Our new pilot program is designed for companies who are new to AMK Global. Starting in Q1 of 2021 with a smaller number of 30 to 40 candidates,  staff would begin to arrive in Q3 of 2021, with most personnel in place by the beginning of Q4 of 2021.

Available Talent Groups

Our clients will have the opportunity to select high-caliber professionals according to specific needs. We can supply trained bakers, sushi makers,  butchers, line cooks (for prepared meals and buffet stations), and other talent groups as required

Guaranteed Workforce and Satisfaction

We fully guarantee each food service worker and will, if need be, replace a  worker that does not complete the two-year work period at no additional cost to our clients.

Health and Welfare of Personnel

As required by law, all staff will closely follow COVID-19 protocols. They will arrive with certified clearance of the virus and quarantine upon arrival in Canada for the time necessary.

Reach out to our professional Corporate Sales Team!