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Canada Study permit is issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) to international students to study at Designated Learning Institution (DLI) from Canada or continue their studies in Canada. Here at AMK Global, we will make your journey to get your Canada study permit stress-free by helping you fulfilling all the requirements for a study permit.

Note:  Canada Study permit is not a visa; therefore, before moving to Canada to pursue your studies, you need to obtain a visitor visa or eTA (Electronic Travel Authorisation). Generally, this is issued once your study permit is approved.

Cost of obtaining Study Permit & Duration of Canada Study Permit

The government Fees for a study permit are CAD 150. Generally, a Canada study permit is valid throughout the actual length of your course plus ninety days. 

In case of conditional acceptance, i.e., you are required by the DLI to take any course before the acceptance into the main Institute, your Canada study permit would be valid throughout the actual length of your course plus one year. 

Suppose your course is completed before the expiry date of your study permit. In that case, your Canada study permit will be valid till ninety days after the completion of the course, irrespective of the date printed on the study permit.

If your course is not completed within the stipulated period of your Canada study permit, the student must apply to extend your student permit; otherwise, you will be asked to leave Canada before the completion of your course.

Study Permit Requirements for International Students

  1. Enrolment at a designated learning institution (DLI)
  2. Proof of funds to support the following:
  1. tuition fees
  2.  living expenses for yourself and for the family members accompanying you to Canada and
  3. Transportation cost (including air tickets) for yourself and the family members attending you to Canada.
  1. No Criminal record and a Police Clearance certificate (if required)
  2. Good health record and Medical Examination Report (if needed)
  3. Convince an immigration officer that when your Canada study permit expires, you will leave Canada. 

Documents required by students to apply for Canada Study Permit

Before applying for Canada Study Permit, one must have the following documents:

  1. Letter of acceptance from the Designated Learning Institution (DLI). 
  2. Identity Proof (Passport)
  3. Financial Support Proof
  4. A letter of explanation stating your reason to study in Canada and showing that you understand your responsibilities as a student in Canada. A questionnaire is provided to the students by AMK Global to draft a letter of explanation.  
  5. In the case of a minor, a custodian declaration is a requirement for a Canadian study permit.
  6. Depending on your home country, certain documents are required; the list of other documents needed depending on your home country will be shared once you apply for Canada Study Permit through AMK Global.

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There are two ways to apply for the Canada study permit 

  1. to apply online (recommended by AMK Global) or 
  2. apply to your home country’s visa application center. 

Here at AMK Global, we suggest you apply for a Canada study permit as soon as you receive a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution of Canada because depending on your country Canada student permit process can take up to three months period. In certain countries, it is required to submit your biometrics (fingerprints and photo) and your visa application; if this is a requirement for you to give your biometrics and your application, you will have to visit the nearest Visa Application Centre (VAC).

The Government of Canada will check the submitted application; it is necessary to attach all the required documents with the application, and if some needed documents are not connected with the application, your Canada student permit application may get return without processing, or you will be asked to submit the required documents. You may be asked for an interview by Canadian officials in your country or more information in certain scenarios. 

Note: It is a basic requirement to update your application if you move or change your address, telephone number, or other contact information after applying for a Canada Student permit. At AMK Global, we will coordinate with you at every stage to make sure that your information is updated correctly. 

Once the process is completed, your Canada study permit will either get approved or get refused. If your study permit application gets approved, you will receive a port of entry letter of introduction (this is not a Study Permit), stating that you are allowed to study in Canada along with your visitor visa or eTA. If you are from a country where you require a visitor visa, your visitor visa will be in your passport. If you are from a country where you need eTA, your eTA information will be indicated in your Letter of introduction. eTA will be linked to your passport and is generally valid for five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. It would be best if you traveled with the key you used to apply for your study permit. 

It is to be noted that the Letter of Introduction is not a Canada Study Permit. The Letter has your permit reference number, which the Government of Canada uses to issue your Canada study permit.

International students, who have a Canadian study permit and are registered as full-time students at a DLI, may work on-campus or off-campus. The condition which states that you’re allowed to work while studying is mentioned in the Canada Study Permit. If you don’t have a Canadian study permit, you can’t work while you’re studying in Canada. In this case, AMK Global will help you apply for a work permit to enable you to work while studying in Canada.

Get free online consultation by experienced and regulated consultants!